Sieve for Turbo Mill

We also manufacture and trade the Sieve for Turbo Mills. Turbo Mills are cylindrical hammer mills used in combination with the Turbo Sifter. These are used mainly for milling, sizing & de-lumping. Milling depends on many factors like physical & chemical characteristics of the product, design of the machine, a design of hammers, environmental conditions & most importantly, the type of sieves used. Sieve parameters like the size & shape of the aperture, pitch & thickness play a very important role in material processing.

Specifications :
• Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
• Aperture Sizes: 250 microns to 20 mm
• Standards: ASTM E-674, ASTM E-454, ISO-9044
• Design: c.GMP Quality
• Special Designs: For processes like de-lumping, wet milling, dry milling, sizing of granules
• Special Sieves: For handling very hard material, fine milling, and fibrous material