Sieve for Comminuting Mill

We are driving makers, providers and exporters of Sieve in India. We give the Sieve to Comminuting Mill to our client. Multimills are tube shaped mallet plants utilized basically to mill, measuring & de-lumping. Processing relies upon numerous variables like physical & compound qualities of the item, plan of machine, outline of mallets, ecological conditions & in particular, the sort of strainers utilized. Strainer parameters like the size & state of the opening, pitch & thickness assume a vital part in material handling.

Specifications :
• Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
• Aperture Sizes: 250 microns to 20 mm
• Standards: ASTM E-674, ASTM E-454
• Design: c.GMP Quality
• Special Designs: For processes like de-lumping, wet milling, dry milling, sizing of granules
• Special Sieves: For handling very hard material, fine milling and fibrous material