Flex Sifter Sieves

We are an acclaimed name effectively associated with offering our regarded customers a prevalent quality arrangement of Flex Sifters Sieves. Radial activity can accomplish a high volume of screening with a little machine impression. These are principally utilized for Check Screening yet can likewise be utilized for measuring & partition. Strainers are intended to withstand the high-pressure powers created and openings and sheet thicknesses are deliberately chosen for keeping up legitimate throughput & molecule estimate conveyance.

Product Details:
Material: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L.
Hole Sizes: 150 microns to 25 mm.
Hole Shape: Round, Square, Grater, Oblong Slotted, Herring Bone, Hexagonal.
Standards: ASTM E-674, ASTM-E-454.
Type: Woven.
Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
Aperture Sizes: 150 microns to 25 mm
Aperture Shape: Round, Square, Grater, Oblong Slotted, Herring Bone, Hexagonal
Standards: ASTM E-674, ASTM-E-454
Design: c.GMP Quality
Special Designs: For ultrasonic sifters, high amplitude sifters & high throughputsifters
Special Sieves: Safe Static Dissipation